Fabric Christmas Tags: How-To

Hello wonderful readers - I've got a holiday how-to for you today. This little idea came to me one day while brainstorming about what to do about tagging my own handmade merchandise.  I wanted something that was simple, inexpensive, fast & added value to my brand and products.

This tag delivers! They will kick up your present wrapping and give each person a little memento from you. And I am pretty sure I struck upon an idea that can be applied to all types of gift giving. These Christmas themed gifts tags could be used at any time of the year by mixing up the fabrics and graphics. Easter would be cute, birthday's too the list is endless! What would you put them on?

So to start you'll need a few supplies:
Fabric Scraps:
1 piece 3" x 4"
1 piece 2" x 3"
1 eyelet
1 piece of ribbon/thread/cotton perle 10" long
eyelet crimp-er
pinking shears
print out of Christmas graphics (download a file here)

1.) Begin by cutting out fabric with a pair of pinking shears or a pinking rotary cutter. Also cut out the Christmas graphics from the downloaded page. You can always find or create your own through sites like Google images or Pinterest. (I made sure to use graphics that were free to use) When cutting the graphics out from the downloadable page cut close to the bottom of the graphic and then leave a long white space above for folding over and securing to the fabric scraps.

2.) Next layer the fabric and paper pieces. Fold over the top ~1/2" of the paper to the back side of the fabric.

3.) Then take the crimping tool and punch a hole through all four layers. Do not try to attach the eyelet yet. I found that making the hole first, then putting in the eyelet is the best way to go.

4.) Once the hole is made place the eyelet on the male side of the tool and ease the fabric over the hole so that you can see the edge of the eyelet.

5.) Press crimpers together really hard! Mine are from like 1968 so I have to really squeeze to crimp it down.

6.)  To finish take the 10" string of choice and fold in half, slip the folded side into the eyelet and weave through the loose ends and pull. Hooray! You've made a little tag.

I made these tags from my traditional vintage fabric in different prints. I like the scrappy look of them. Enjoy this little tutorial and have fun with friends and family for the holiday season.



Dawn said...

very cute and very clever!!

Hanna said...

this is a beautiful project, love it! I am also a new follower here:) Happy Holidays

xooxo Hanna

Kate said...

Your tags are quite lovely - thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas!

Carmen said...

Very cute! Love the ease and versatility of these. I do Sleigh Rides every year featuring great ideas across the web, I'd like to save this one for one of next years ideas! Wonderfully personal and very clever!!

Julie-Katie H said...

Nice Christmas project! I don't have an eyelet crisper, but it looks like a neat tool :)

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