New York Beauty Mini Quilt

Is it really Friday? I'm wondering because it doesn't feel like a Friday. So many things on my to-do list. Holiday shopping to start, lots of sewing to do for gifts and for sales and I am juggling it all in-between a whole lot of family time this week.
 But I am ever the optimist and there are lots of bright spots in my week as well. Like doing a bit of PMQG swap sewing, making a big huge cookie with Baby J today and starting to receive Christmas cards and packages from friends and family across the country.

I have finished a few projects in the past weeks and I wanted to share my New York Beauty Mini Quilt as it has the best quilting (if I do say so myself!). (Look here for my earlier post on these blocks) These blocks were really easy to sew, I do enjoy paper piecing on the sewing machine. But what to do with NY blocks is another question. I was just wanting to play around with fabrics and not make an entire quilt so I decided upon the mini quilt. 

I am really happy with how it turned out, the gingham is so bright and sunny but also tempered with the black and purple. For quilting I did free motion quilting in a swirl pattern in the middle and then alternated circles with wavy lines to finish out the 'sun' medallion  For the black corner boarders I made cute popcorn flowers with vines connecting the four corners. The simple mitered purple boarder was straight line quilted with small to larger lines. 

The back of this quilt really shines, the details pop out of the yellow gingham just like I wanted them too. It feels really good to have this little project finished up. It was a goal of mine to finish my WIP for 2012 in 2012. That won't happen but this is a sweet little victory. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and don't let the holidays stress you out too's far to soon for that my dears!


**This is now listed in the Etsy Shop! Thanks**
**This will be going into the Etsy shop soon - once some things get checked off that list :-)

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West Michigan Quilter said...

I've always wanted to try this NYB. I love some paper piecing. I love your quilt and what a great idea making a mini quilt of one block. Thanks for the inspiration.

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