This week: {Photos} Life Renewed

(Fair Warning: Super tons of photos in this post!)

So I'm gonna be honest. It's been a hard September in real life. Without the personal details let's just say that October is a welcome guest; 31 days to have my life renewed. To celebrate the completion of the month and the projects in it I allowed myself to start a brand new quilt that has been in the works for over a year. 
The Cowboy Wild Goose Chase. I've been swapping and saving fabric since June of 2011. Such fun boy fabrics! 
This quilt will be for my son, for his future big boy bed. I might have it done in time for Christmas, I might not. There will be no pressure to finish. 
Why no pressure, well look at this pile. Those flying geese...they are 2"x 3 1/2". There are over 1300 of them. I think I will gladly take this one block at a time. 1 one, 41 to go for a twin sized bed quilt. 
Here's a look at the projects I've been working on that spurred on this new quilt. A couple of vintage tops I've had for over three years. This one here, the vintage patchwork red spools and scrappy rings came to me via my Aunt. It was already a quilt sandwich waiting for quilting. It's also a monster coming in at 82" x 95"
But I quilted the Beast! A mirror image of loops with a little four leaf clover for good luck in each spool. Now to find the moments to hand bind it. I can't wait to wash it and see the vintage goodness all crinkled up.
Op, another vintage patchwork from Auntie. This began as a huge quilt of 16-patch blocks in a slew of colors that didn't really work together. I did what any quilter would do. I hacked it up and sewed it back together. This time matching colors, not lines. 
The result is 3 separate quilts in 3 separate colorways. The one below just screams fall! Love vintage. 
And life renewed wouldn't be complete with out a few photos from my...October garden. Am I really typing that...yes this is going to be a great month for the garden. Portland is forecasted for 70 degrees plus this whole coming week, for like the billionth week in a row.
The beans love it as does this lovely Praying Mantis who landed in my front yard yesterday. 
Greens of a lush tomato bush. 
Another honest view. That's me in a grape vine, hello. 
Also, I need to say thank you. Thanks so each person who checked out my newest tutorial and baby quilt and commented and featured me. Wow, thanks ladies - it makes a girl feel good!
And hello handmade shop owners; come and link up your shop and get some tips for your online shop at my monthly meet up: Store Front Meet Up.

So what is renewing you this month? 

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