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Pintrest is a great place for quick inspiration but some pins lead to places that are brimming with it. The last image of journal pages is by artist and blogger Jenny Frith. For a girl who kept a sketch book for many years I can say these are the next level. Amazing doodles and loads of sketch book goodness.
Lois Mailou Jones (1905 – 1998) was a US
artist who painted and influenced others
during the Harlem Renaissance and beyond.
pinned via Pat Sloan
journal pages: by Jenny Frith

Have you been enjoying the renewal energy that comes in January? January has brought me a new look at old projects and the vision to complete them. I can see the light in the tunnel on a a large binding project! One more side to go!
Vintage scrappy spools quilt
Also getting some attention is a pattern I've been talking about for year or more! It's all pinwheels and like my other quilts it may look complicated but it's all chain pieced HST's and a little puzzle magic. I will need a pattern tester or two if anyone is interested please let me know! Thanks!
These projects are getting done mostly because my sewing machine is still at the beauty parlor. I suspect she might have jumped down a block and hit the Chinese restaurant cocktail lounge on the corner for a nightcap or two. Let's hope she comes home soon. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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