Vintage Quilt Reworked Softly: First Finish 2013

A finish! The first finish of 2013! And a big push towards completing the stack of WIP's! I took the whole weekend to sew and it was wonderful! It had been weeks since I sewed for delight. I was able to get in a groove and let time pass by while I free motion quilted, made binding and hand sewed it while hubby watched football.
Vintage reworked softly
I completed something. Something that had been waiting in the stacks of projects...waiting and a bit forgotten. But not anymore. I am smitten with this Vintage Quilt Reworked Softly.
Vintage quilt reworked softly
The story of this monster quilt top that was vintage scrappy but a bit misguided. The colors were jumbled and the setting unimaginative. It was a quilt top with nothing to lose. So I cut. I hacked. I even threw out a couple blocks. And in the end it became more...three more to be exact.
Vintage reworked softly
Here is the pinkies in free motion quilted glory. Because that is the true star of this quilt. Quilted in an all over petal in petal design, almost like candle flames. Once I opened up the design and kept attention to the points matching up at the base it was heaven.
Vintage reworked softly
I got lost in the free motion movement and quilted this in just over 4 hours. The method I think works best, especially for larger quilts, is Elizabeth Hartman's basting and quadrant quilting. It made the bulk of the quilt manageable to maneuver.
Vintage reworked softly
The fabrics used for the back and binding are also vintage found in a box of grandma's attic fabric and in my stacks from the stash. No bought fabrics were used in the making of this quilt. :-)
A proud first finish; because I feel like my skills can now match my style.
And it's listed in the Etsy shop here.


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Kristen said...

Good idea of using quandrants to quilt the quilt. Love the quilting pattern you chose. Isn't great when you use what you have on hand like this UFO and come up with something gorgeous!

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