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2013 is my year to grow Blue Bird Sews and as I grow into this blog, etsy, facebook, flickr, Pinterest, Threadbias - the whole social media thing I want you to come along and bring your friends!!! Let's grow this blog to 800 readers this year! And there are plenty of ways to do that, with a little help from my friends ;-)
doily journal covers
The internet is such a big place, and it can be time consuming so I wanted to let you know where I'll be this year so that you can find me in what ever format you like. Blogging is still gonna be my main source for in-depth project updates, tutorials and goings on. Expect a new blog post 2 to 3 times a week with one popping up on the weekend (like this one) every now and again.

I update on Pinterest just about every day - if not more than once a day. I love the visual stimulation and quick bursts of inspiration on everything from quilting, activities to do with the little ones, handmade gift making, garment sewing...the list goes on.
I am on Facebook now, for real and it's fun. I like to post in progress pictures there or little inspirational things a couple times a week. Oh and anytime I update on the blog it shows up there as well.
Flickr is going to be more a part of Blue Bird Sews. I like how it protects my images and allows for interaction with the flickr community and the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. I plan on using it differently this year so if you are on Flickr more stop by and add my contact there.
Sexy Hexy Red Finish
Have you been on Threadbias yet? It's a really great community of quilters and sewers. It allows you to track your projects in a way that organizes everything for you on one page and to interact with the other threaders on the site. I love the small community feeling. I have a few ongoing projects there you can find all in one place.
The other places that I am around on but not often is Twitter and Instagram (bluebirdsews). I just haven't clicked with the format but my blog posts & Facebook updates do feed to twitter and I have an Instagram handle...so ya; Whew! look at me go internet foot print the size of Paul Bunyan's shoe!
MQG Madrona Road Challenge Mini Quilt
I'm curious about you dear reader! When do you take time to catch up on your blogs? What social media do you use most for your sewing inspiration and connections? How do you want to access Blue Bird Sews content? And once you're here what would you like to see in the new year? Any inspiration,  how-to's or advice your wanting to hear?
It's my personal goal to make Blue Bird Sews thriving with quilting and crafting goodness and to keep it down to earth the whole way there.
Thanks so much for reading and sharing with me!


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