A Custom Quilting Finish

Hello, Hello! Oh my, it has been a little bit; hasn't it. Today I am popping in because I've finished up the custom quilting on a beautiful long cabin quilt with a star variation. I had such a time quilting this quilt top which came to me from my client already basted and backed in a huge piece of muslin!

The pattern is so classic but turned modern (even though she completed it almost 20 years ago!) with a star in the center. That small shift in blocks gives this quilt such a wonderful finish. 

The light and dark contrast made me choose two colors for quilting. A dark blue in the black side and cream in the light. The choice of dark blue came from the client who had originally started hand quilting the top in dark blue. It was a brilliant move as there are accents of blue in the light and dark regions and the blue warms the quilt a bit too. 

It took over 10 hours to custom quilt the top. Each section was treated separately as I machine quilt on a Viking Sapphire 830. The center dark star was done first then each band of black from the inside out. I used my walking foot and quilted straight lines around each large band. 

Next I wanted to incorporate free motion quilting into the design. The lighter sections were the perfect spot to do this. Tight and long wavy lines are most notable in the center star and then on the outer most bands. The larger inside light bands are straight line quilted again like the dark bands but denser. 

This quilt is very large, at 89" x 85". It was difficult to work through but not impossible by any means. I was able to wrangle it through the extra wide throat space of my sewing machine and I quilted it on a large table in the craft cave. I love the challenge of a large quilt and custom design. Each one improves my quilting and confidence. 


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2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Im getting ready to quilt my own giant log cabin. it was good to see what you did. Im askaird to start :)

and then that WIP post... that was good too. Lately Im just loving your blog. your voice, what your working on.. it all is interesting. Thanks for sharing. I see you at the meetings and recognize your projects when you hold them up but then I never get a chance to come have a close up look. I just loved those vintage mash up quilts a few months back.

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