Small Make: Needle book

I needed a little selfish sewing. With all the crayon rolls and notebook covers I made recently it was much needed to sew a little something for this lady right here. 

A sweet little needle book . I mostly followed along with the super cute Nana company tutorial. I say mostly because I can't seem to follow directions to the letter! 

For the flower front I used some vintage cowgirl fabric I scored a few weeks ago. This print speaks to me. I may add a bit of it to every project I make. 
The inside fabric is a very special little bit I've been holding on to from grandma's attic. 

I added a few ribbons, rick rack and what not to the inside felts. I also added a pocket to the inside to hold thread and scissors. 
I love this little needle book. I had been wanting one for a while! I think with each new project I do I get a little closer to my ideal style. :)

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1 comment:

Pinspot said...

Oh, I love vintage fabric and the flower over the dots is so lovely! Well done!

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