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Hello there lovelies! I am having such a wonderful day. You know those bright sunny fall days where things just seem happier. That is my today. Yay! 
So I've had the Wiksten Tova pattern for over a year and I finally got the gumption to make my first one! I cut it out of a vintage seersucker kinda like fabric with adorable little blue and red flowers on it with a stripe in the background. It's perfect. It's the type of clothes that can't be washed quickly enough. Jeans and brown boots and I'm out the door. 
I cut out a size XS and it fit really good after I took the side seams out to just 1/4" at the arms. My fitting problem with tops I'm finding is that my shoulders are larger than my size that fits well every where else. But in my awesome vintage sewing book I found a section about alterations in that portion of the bodice so it's okay. I'm going to master that tailoring. 

My second clothes make is especially amazing because I drafted a pattern for it using a pair of my favorite pj pants. I got the extra big curve going on in the back to allow for ease in the but and made a snappy little casing for the elastic and tie waist. 

These pants are so damn comfy and I scored this Donna Karen fabric at the Fabric Depot summer sale for $4 a yard. I bought 3 yards and have enough left to make another pj set in the Grainline Studios pattern Lakeside Pajamas. Eek can't wait.

So my next sewing clothes adventures will include PJ's for me and PJ's for the little boy J who found some avengers flannel while shopping at Fabric Depot. He was petting it, I had to support his fabric love! PJ's, and another 2 Tova's at least - white whale corduroy and red/blue/tan plaid. 

There are such amazingly inspiring clothes sewing blogs out there and here's a few I found recently that I can't live without. 

what are your favorite clothes related blogs? I am collecting good ideas!


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Rebecca said...

Well done Kelly they look great!

I've only sewn one item of clothing and it was teeny

Grown up clothes are scary....and my mother was a seamstress ;)

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