Concrete Cabin Sashing Tutorial

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Adding sashing to a stack of finished blocks is a snap when you've got a plan. Here is my plan for sashing the Concrete Cabin Quilt - it involves a little less than 1 yard of 60" white cotton. The 60" is key for me because it leads to way less sashing piecing and makes the process go a bit quicker. I love going quick!

Start by laying out blocks in a pleasing manner, spacing out fabrics
and turning the blocks this way and that

Next time to cut sashing. 
Sashing cut pieces required - as shown in photo:
8 strips: 3 1/2" X 12"
5 strips: 3 1/2" X 48"
2 strips: 3 1/2" X 60"

How to cut the strips to get the most from your yard:
Start by cutting out 8 strips 3 1/2" wide -- Set 2 aside
Then from 5 of the other strips cut off a strip 12" long from each
Then from the 1 left over strip cut out 3 strips 12" long

Now you have the strips needed to start sewing the sashing. But later on there is a little piecing to make the two longest strips just a tad bit longer, so watch out for that

Sew 12" strips vertically between blocks

Set Seam by pressing before opening
I recently learned about setting the seam before pressing open and it really does help to give a nice finish on an open seam. There are no little wrinkles coming from the stitches.
Press all seams open

Vertical sashing sewn together
Next sew sashing onto the rows from the top to the bottom. The top row will have sashing sewn to the top and bottom of it, the rest of the rows will have sashing sewn onto the bottom of the row. Do not join the row together yet, just sew the sashing to each row.
Sashing sewn onto rows
In order to get a nice line up of the sashing and blocks the horizontal sashing will need to be trimmed before sewing the sashed rows together. I trim the sashing at this point instead of at the beginning to ensure I have enough fabric at each end. I don't want to be 1/2" short at this point, it's a real bummer! Reserve scraps to use in the last step.
Sashing trimmed then rows sewn together, almost done!

Ops, our quilt is just a bit longer than 60"
To make up for the slight shortness of the sashing on the longer sides of the quilt sew a scrap onto the end. 

To sew a diagonal seam place scrap piece perpendicular to the end of the long sashing. Mark a line from top left to bottom right. Pin and sew along the line. Doing the seam this way gives a nice crisp finished look.
Join the scrap piece to the long strip with a diagonal seam
right along the marked line
Cut excess and press open
Pin and sew the long pieces onto either side of the quilt to complete the sashing all the way around. 
Now wasn't that a piece of cake? 
Sashed Concrete Cabin Quilt.

Thanks for reading! I hope this mini tute will help out when you go to put your blocks together. If I haven't given something enough explanation please let me know, I really appreciate the feedback so I can improve my tutorial skills. 
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Carol said...

Nice sashing tutorial.
Just stopping in from Fabric Tuesday. My link is ‎

Karenkay said...

You used my favorite choice of colors...beautiful quilt!

Quiltstory said...

Oh this is so fabulous! I love the colors, and those are great blocks!! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)

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