Etsy Store Front Meet-up

Hello! Are you a entrepreneur crafter like me? Does your need to create sometimes sideline your need to organize and promote your business? This is me through and through. The make part of my shop is easy but the selling side to entrepreneurship can be a bit out of my comfort zone and expertise.
So in order to educate and motivate myself I write a blog post about once a month sharing what I've learned, planned and done to my Esty store, bazaar booth or other retail I'm currently working on. It has helped me build my online business side and kept me engaged with others who are wanting to grow their shops too.
I invite you to browse through the past posts from 2012 and come back on the last  day of the month to share your shop insights, link up and talk business. Grab a button and join up!

Store Front Meet Up at Blue Bird

Store Front Meet-up Archives 

Introduction Post 2012

January 2012 - Shop Plans

February 2012 - How much should I promote?

May 2012 - Summer Plans

Septemebr 2012 - Etsy Seller Book Reviews

October 2012 - Etsy Seller Tips

December 2012 - Holiday Markets

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