For my next trick.....

I'm excited about this one. Yes, I may get excited for all the quilts I make and start, but this one is going to be really special; for a few reasons. 1. It uses up all the scraps from my star quilts 2. it has a white background 3. I'm going to enter it into the Portland Quilt Show at the expo center in March. The show this past weekend convinced me to enter because it is so different than anything I saw there.

I've been thinking about ways of sewing it together and the best idea is to sew a block of white fabric the same size as my star fabric on either side, left and right. Then cut long strips in white to sew top and bottom of the sewed square rows. This way I only have so many small pieces (298 to be exact) and then 16 rows of white 42" long strips. The overall dimensions will be 42"x60".....hmmmmm; another quilt for Baby J perhaps :)

So here I go....magically turning small squares of fabric into a quilt!

Look Out Quilt Show, Here We Come

It was quilt show day; a day for inspiration, planning, fabric stashing, and being a sister. Do you have a partner in crime? She's the friend who keeps you into making things and talks you through your latest project. Mine is Liz, my sister. We have been quilting together since the beginning and she is a big reason I am a quilter today. But enough about that, how about these quilts! Can you tell what bluebird is into right now....?
Sun, moon, stars

Thinking this pattern in Purples......mmmmmm

Another Sampler with White Background. Loving it.
Stitches in Bloom hosted the quilt show at the beautiful, albeit dormant, Oregon Gardens. Lots of quilts, lots of fabrics and even the ABM Innova longarm machine was there. 
Lots of Art Quilts, Ginkgo Biloba Gorgeous

Longarm Eye Candy
I tried a longarm for the first time today, although it was only for 3 minutes I can't wait to start my longarm training. I'm signing up for a class next month and beginning the journey of learning longarm quilting.
Baby J at his First Quilt Show
One fool proof way to be remembered from the quilt show full of lovely ladies is to bring a little baby with you! Baby J had so much fun riding around in the backpack and charming the biddy's. A great way to remember the quilt show is buy some yummy fabrics. I plan on keeping these awhile so I can pet them and love them before cutting them up on a special day. 
Alder Lake Quilt Company

Kitchen Window

A Kitchen Window Sill Ripens Tomatoes
Most places I've lived have had a kitchen window and a little window sill. It is a reflex for me to fill up that window sill with trinkets and plants. 
We spend a lot of our life at the kitchen sink. Washing out dishes, filling up pots of water, straining pasta, washing hands, thawing out frozen meat, grinding the leftovers in the disposal. I could go on, but you see, we do a lot with the kitchen sink. I have a window over mine that looks out into my little front yard, the neighbors houses and the street. 
The Window Sill

On my windowsill now, in my very first home, I have a few of my favorite things. 

Milk glass hen, sweet little bud vase
All these trinkets remind me of people and times in my life. I look at each item and relive our family vacation, think of my friends and family and reminisce about my grandparents home when I was little. Grandma's window sill was filled up too, with shot glasses and thimbles.

African Violet in bloom, I get excited every time a new flower opens
Right now this violet little flower is the bright spot in my kitchen. A new bud opens up every few days; at that rate I'll have flowers for weeks.
what's happening at your kitchen window?

From Where I Sit

Every quilter needs a cave. A space to leave out the latest project without worry; it will be just as I left it when I return. Recently I made a cave of my own. It is in the basement with cold hard floors and a fresh coat of blue bird's special batch of paint (the one where I mix leftovers together). An old table top from my Grandfather's attic makes a sturdy work area for cutting and planning. Feng shui guided my sewing machine placement to look out into the center of the room which makes me feel safe and happy. Ikea got the rest in order with bookshelves, table saw-horses, basket racks and hanging organization. thanks to hubby for putting those up.
I really like my cave. It even has a basement window so I can look out and check for snow. So far no snow.
The Book Shelves, Hanging Storage and Idea Board

Cute Thread Storage (more on glass storage later)

My Ingenious Picture Frame Table Top

 I love this table. It is huge, sturdy and dark

Fabric Storage Above, Work Space Below. (and there's my next projects, more on that later too)
That's the 10 cent tour. The craft cave has been up an running for almost 5 months and I can't imagine going back to the chaos of setting up the sewing machine, getting out the latest project, figuring out where I left get the idea. So let's hear it for the craft cave! Hooray!
And come over anytime for a craft day, there's plenty of room at the table.

Veggie Garden Stakes

I made these a few seasons ago to mark the empty plots of soil before the seedlings emerged. They were so fun to draw. Copying is my strong suit when drawing, I can copy just about anything from a picture. For these little veggies I grabbed my seed catalog from Territorial Seed and set to drawing on these store bought garden stakes with colored sharpies.
This year they need a touch up and maybe a coat of clear spray paint to protect them from water and sun. I'm also excited to add a sweet potato stake this year. It will be my first attempt in the new veggie patch; I'm on the lookout for the perfect spot for them in the garden. 

What new varieties are you trying this season?

What Summer Looks Like

What a wonderful night to reminisce about summer time.

It was a sunny Portland day, blue sky and only a little cold and damp. We went for walk, swung on the swing and looked at the neighbors houses and gardens in their winter state of dirt and branches. It made me long for summer time and think of spring. Time to plan for the years garden. Here is some inspiration from my veggie patch and flower spots to get ya going...

Backyard veggie patch

Lettuce: Italian Salad Blend

Freesia with Russian Sage and Rain Barrel
Dark Sunflowers
Rudbekia with Cosmos

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