Veggie Garden Stakes

I made these a few seasons ago to mark the empty plots of soil before the seedlings emerged. They were so fun to draw. Copying is my strong suit when drawing, I can copy just about anything from a picture. For these little veggies I grabbed my seed catalog from Territorial Seed and set to drawing on these store bought garden stakes with colored sharpies.
This year they need a touch up and maybe a coat of clear spray paint to protect them from water and sun. I'm also excited to add a sweet potato stake this year. It will be my first attempt in the new veggie patch; I'm on the lookout for the perfect spot for them in the garden. 

What new varieties are you trying this season?

What Summer Looks Like

What a wonderful night to reminisce about summer time.

It was a sunny Portland day, blue sky and only a little cold and damp. We went for walk, swung on the swing and looked at the neighbors houses and gardens in their winter state of dirt and branches. It made me long for summer time and think of spring. Time to plan for the years garden. Here is some inspiration from my veggie patch and flower spots to get ya going...

Backyard veggie patch

Lettuce: Italian Salad Blend

Freesia with Russian Sage and Rain Barrel
Dark Sunflowers
Rudbekia with Cosmos

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