Sewing for all Seasons: Coasters Made

This book is gorgeous. Every page just drips with style. I have flipped through it about a dozen times since I WON it at PMQG meeting last week. Susan was kind enough to giveaway a few copies and I was lucky enough to walk away with it and a kit to make the coffee cozy project too!

So in my many flip throughs I decided to make the coasters out of purely practical reasons. My hubby and I invested in a new set of bedroom furniture. Like the most beautiful mission style oak bedroom set on the planet. I lurv it and I don't want to be getting any tea mug stains on it, ya know.

I choose to use a Joel Dewberry fabric Heirloom which I got the fat quarter set last year for myself for Christmas. It's already in some pillow shams I made for the bed so it fits in well. And there's beautiful roses on one side and blue/purple geometric on the other.

Sewing for all Seasons Coaster Project

So we know the book is gorgeous and the writing and diagrams are good too. I decided to actually read the instructions and go with the way Susan uses to bind her quilts and things with a binding tape that is folded over the exposed edges. Very clever, a little tricky, and worth the effort. Once you sew the binding on you're done. I like that satisfaction. I choose not to baste the corners as she suggests but I can see how it totally helps out.

Sewing for all Seasons Coaster Project
what's missing here? A coaster!

I did do one thing a little differently because I don't have any double sided fusible interfacing. Instead I used potholder batting which added some loft but will also keep it cool on my nightstand.  I might just need a reason to sew up the matching place mats. Like new dinning room furniture! Ha! There is no more room for furniture in my little house!

Sewing for all Seasons Coaster Project
aahhh. Much better!

Thanks again to Susan for the giveaway. I have many more flip throughs with this inspiring book! I love the little library cards with fabric swatches, you must check it out!


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Blue Hue's Scrappy Baby Quilt

Babies are coming. I have two good friends who are pregnant and due in the coming winter months. Lucky for me one is a boy and one is a girl so I get to make the best of both worlds. This past weekend was a little boy baby shower. You know it's gonna be scrappy but how scrappy would it go?

Super scrappy. I found a Thimbleberries pattern from an old quilt book of mind; 1-2-3 Quilt. The original was pastel mess but I changed it up with blue prints and solids.

All the colors and prints just ooze together for me; the whole is greater than the parts. These were prints that aren't my favorite or didn't have a lot of, just hanging out in the stash waiting for a turn. They came together so well, the overall it just cool. 

Of course I missed getting a picture with the mommy and blanket. I'll make sure to get one with the real owner when he decides to show up. 

The next quilt is for a little Winter girl. Mom and Dad are doing the room in purples so a purple, grey, white, cream half square triangle quilt will be coming, but not until after I sew up a bunch of rainbow goodness for the holiday bazaar shows. 

To be crayon rolls and notebook covers. Make me so happy to use up all these scraps!