Mama's got a brand new bag...

I have had this bag on the brain for about year. It was percolating in there but I didn't know how to start, where to begin with the design. Having only made a handful of bags my construction technique wasn't up to the challenge..not yet. But then that changed and I made the bag of my dreams!

So how did I overcome my bag making shortcomings? I made a practice bag and I searched for a bunch of tutorials and inspiration. I made this bag first and I used Elizabeth Hartman's Quilt-as-you-go tutorial for bags (but I didn't use the canvas inside, I wanted a floppy bag) I looked at this picture from Fresh Lemons about a hundred times and then I just dove in. 


The fabrics came from my stash and there is a mix of vintage and new, just like always. I love, love this color palette; look for more of this combination coming soon! There is a little bit of Anna Maria Horner, lots of DS quilt and my favorite vintage prints that I have been hoarding for special projects. 

The inside has a canvas bottom and some of my favorite linen blend vintage lining. I put in a little pocket up top and zigzag stitched around the top. I used a pretty clever technique to make the bag handles and I may get around to sharing that here.

This is project number 2 of the new year and it's like in the top 5 favorite all time makes already. It just says ME all over it. The fabrics, the way it's put together, the fact that I didn't use a pattern but was able to construct it by myself - it all just adds up to a big 'ol YES!

What's been your favorite thing you've ever made and why?