Winter's Steely Grey and Purple Quilt

Hi. It's really Christmastime now. Just a few days left until the family gathers and friends come to call. This is what all the preparation is for. But before I get back to the sewing of little person PJ's and snack bags I wanted to pop in a share a quilt finish from last month.

Remember my little boy blue quilt post? I had eluded to the two pregnant ladies in my life - one a baby boy (who is healthy and happy!) and a little girl (who is expected in February) - Baby Winter. It was baby Winter's turn and mom choose a very pretty palette of grey and purple. So I hit the stash and came back with several shades and a few creams for good measure.

Now with most of my quilt designs I wasn't exactly sure where this quilt was headed. I had a half square triangle quilt for inspiration so I started there and used The Sometimes Crafter tutorial for making HST (it's brilliant and quick).

Then I waited and during that time my circle of Do. good stitches was working on an HST quilt top inspired by this quilt top. It was just the right hues to work with the fabrics I had pulled.

So in the end it turned out beautifully. It is backed in flannel and straight-line quilted on either side of each triangle.

I am thinking of writing up a simple tutorial for this because it really is so easy to make. Would anyone be interested in that????

Cheers and Merry Christmas to you and yours!