Glass Jar Storage

grains, beans, potatoes from dinner
Glass bottles hold so much possibility. What will you fill them up with next? Pins, thread, pasta, cookies, leftovers from dinner, buttons, bobbins, lots of honey; these are just a few things that fill up my glass jars. I've been wanting to share these with you to inspire you to ditch your plastics and go with glass. Storing food in plastic is not so good for you; and forget about microwaving it! A quick Google search of the term 'plastics leaching into food' yields 113,000 results!
this jar is dated 1903!
My jars are a mix of vintage, new and recycled. I collect them from all over. My Grandma gave me the 1903 Kerr pictured above. I've got a bunch of wire closing Ball jars from my local thrift shop and of course the Adam's peanut butter jars are a great size; they've got the widest mouths ever! (which I prefer) Recycling glass jars is a snap when you soak the jars in hot water, the labels peel right off. 

Down in the craft cave my little glass jars do all sorts of organizing. Jars hold seeds, pins, thread, glue sticks and whatever else needs a place. These jar lids I painted with chalkboard paint so I can mark what's in them if needed (think seeds) and it covers up the writing the lids. These jars were filled with bird seed, oysters, mayonnaise, vitamins and jam. 
So small vintage pill bottles

my sewing kit

brown glass; just a pretty if not a little mysterious

Large glass jars, some with lids, some without
What will the next jar hold? 

Introducing Astrid

For the past week I've been jones'ing pretty hard for my viking 980 sewing machine! I've named her Astrid of course; she's a viking and made in Sweden.  Waiting for it to be done at the service center was horrible, just horrible. Admittedly I am not the best waiter and patience is only something I have only recently begun to understand. So when I bought a slightly used 1985 Husqvarna Viking Prisma 980 sewing machine last week and dropped it off at my local viking dealer immediately after I bought it -- there has been a lot of 'oh i can't wait for my new sewing machine' talk going on at my house.

As they say -- good things come to those who wait. Look at that throat space; 8" -- quite an upgrade from my 3.5" Brother. She can do programmable embroidery, even letters and numbers, has automatic adjustments based on the stitch selected and many other cool things I have yet to find out!
Needless to say I can't wait to get quilting! Me and Astrid! Have a wonderful weekend with your sewing partner, the sewing machine!

Sexy Hexy Red #1

Cutting out fabric from template is way easy! The rotary cutter goes through 4 layers and around the pieces so quickly; I am no longer timid about trying the template pattern. And Amy Butler does make super simple to follow directions. So happy about this unfolding quilt. 
Here are the photos, because what is a post without photos?

The process began
sexy hexy

fabrics all from my stash via my grandmother attic. These babies have been around a while

Ready to get together
Next I cut out the bands and side bands of kona white.....mmmmmmm kona

My First (Finished) Modern

It's a new week and that means Linky Parties at Canoe Ridge Creations and  Quilt Story. I'm linking up with both so thanks for coming by! I am really loving sharing in blog land, it keeps me motivated to finish! Speaking of finishes; I sewed up the binding on my first modern and I so want to share it with everyone!
shrinking squares

love the polka dot binding

machine quilted myself

just waiting for a snuggle
Enjoy your Monday and go check out what everyone else has been working on~

Fresh Poppy Design

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

flowers in bloom

a little Zen
Inside the Orchid is in bloom and the African Violet is still going strong.

So many blooms! I have a little 'bloom it' fertilizer to thank for those delicate violet flowers.

Outside the sun is shinning bright and the wind is sharp and cold. The first flowers of spring are blooming in my yard. The Pretty Primrose.
linking up the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for Feb 2011

Show Quilts

My First Modern, My First Finish of 2011

These two quilts are my best work so far and I am proud of them! I'm entering them into the Northwest Quilters Show going on in Portland next month. They are different then anything I saw at last quilt show I went to so I am going to put it all out there and enter into the fun.

Baby J's Christmas Quilt, 2010
Everyone have a wonderful weekend, we are getting a baby-sitter tonight so watch out! hehee...

Work's In Progess

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
lots of straight lines and I like the way the back looks
Hello there! I've been busy trying to get projects finished to clear the way for new quilt projects! Another motivation is the Portland Quilt Show entry deadline of this Saturday; which I am on track to meet and enter with My First Modern (MFM) which I shared last week. This week I am happy to report that I completed the machine quilting on MFM and the binding is just waiting to be hand sewn.
polka-dot binding, perfect for a modern quilt
The quilting process was a little frustrating because I wanted perfectly straight lines - and that is just not possible wrangling fabric through the small opening in my sewing machine. I also learned along the way that I should have started quilting the width first and not the length, it distorted the lines a bit -- but you quilt and learn, right! And that is what the process is all about.

My second almost finish this week is the value quilt I started a while back. I played with the pattern again and I am really loving it. This one is destined to become a wall hanging for the craft cave. I've got a cute piece of polka dot that matches the brown, orange and blue for the back and binding. Still thinking about how to quilt this one. 

In the works: Sexy Hexy Red's. All the supplies have been gathered, fabric washed and templates ready to go. All I need now is time!
quilt baking, waiting patiently for their turn
Small Nine Patch, this one is in the bowl awaiting the sewing machine. I had planned on doing this a little bit at a time but haven't started yet. 

Sister Quilt Show Block: My sister signed us up for a block contest at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sister's Oregon. It's a pretty cool deal, they send you a packet of fabrics (from Westminster Fibers) and you create a block out of them. This year's fabrics are very bright and busy and I thought for a long time about what to make and I've decided to try a Dresden Plate. A little excited about this...

Quilting the Quilt: Practicing, practicing and planning for a long arm class and a new sewing machine. Yes that's right a new (or new to me) sewing machine! I wanted to ask you what you like about your machine or what you wish your machine did. What model do you have?
Hot and Cold; waiting till I learn the long arm
I plan on taking some long arm machine classes so I can quilt a couple larger quilt tops. This is a great way to learn how to long arm quilt, get some quilt tops finished and see if I want to pursue the long arm quilt aspect of quilting. 

All in All:
Needs Binding: My First Modern
Needs Quilting: Value Quilt, Baby Quilts (30 or so), Hot Cold & Asian Flowers both on long arm
Needs Piecing: Small Nine Patch
Needs Cutting: Sexy Hexy Red's, Sister Quilt Show Block

New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 0
On Going Projects: 8

By the numbers this isn't so good, but it doesn't reflect how I feel about my almost finishes and my readiness to tackle the next set, which I am on fire about!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week of sewing!

My First Modern

I've been quilting for a while. The first quilt I started was way back in the early nineties. My sister and I went across the street to JoAnn fabrics and bought some cotton. Mine was red, blue, green all the same print of little leaves and lines. Nothing to write home about. It turned out huge and homely and I discarded it unfinished until many years later when I finally put it all together (I even found backing in the same print but white to match, ha!)
Since then I have made many quilts and all of them traditional. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a modern quilt until just recently. And boy am I loving it. I am even linking this up to Work In Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced, another modern quilter extraordinare.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

The design that caught my eye is the bold colors set in white. The way it makes the fabric pop and move is wonderful. It inspired my first modern.
Ready to baste, quilt, bind

look how the squares get smaller....
my favorite fabrics, red, blue, yellow, brown
I am planning on machine quilting this one in straight lines throughout the white to give another bold graphic element. It will be my 5 attempt at machine quilting and I am excited and nervous at the same time. But we all have to practice, practice, practice to get better, right.

So with this modern masterpiece well on the way to being done my next modern miracle will be an Amy Butler design (also thanks to all bloggers for turning me onto her). It's her Sexy Hexy Love quilt pattern but without the Love fabric line. I am using the pattern to make a large scale red and white quilt. I have been dreaming of a use for some wonderful vintage red's and the pattern is perfect. I can't wait to share that one with you too. 

Until then happy sewing!

Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story

wonky stars to keep us warm at night

Hello and Welcome! I am linking up with Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday for the first time! Very Excited!
My next project uses scraps from my wonky star quilt I made while pregnant with Baby J. It was a labor of love; I used all my favorite fabrics and a super easy stack and whack pattern of stars. I quilted it very simply as well (I was about 8 months pregnant) with an outline around the stars and brown open block dividers.
love these colors, can't get away from blue, red, brown.
This quilt taught me a lot about rushing through piecing quilting. I wish I would have taken it a little bit slower and done more quilting to the top and added a border or two. But with that said I love this quilt cause it's all mine. So often we make quilts for the special people in our lives; now that list includes me too.
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