Right now....

Right now I am....
Listening to my little guy sing songs while hiding in the closet.
Wrapping up packages of Etsy sales Christmas fabric and sending them to their new homes.

Hand sewing binding to a stack of finished quilts because it just looks better when I take the time.

Reveling in my stay-cation with the hubby and little guy over Thanksgiving. Still feel the warmth of all our family time playing Lego, going to OMSI and sharing the holidays with family.
Prepping for the next holiday market this Saturday. Hoping the new pot holders and table toppers sell like hot cakes!
Quilting said tops in lots of new designs. The big loop-de-loop is my new favorite. Simple and forgiving.

Making decisions about a blog and shop makeover. The logo a friend if mine is designing is amazing!
Searching for my blog voice and picture taking mojo. Hopefully it will come back to me slowly.
Organizing the craft cave. I have taken over the basement and the sewing space is speaking to me again. I can't wait to start a new year in my spruced up mega room. Just look at all that fabric to fold! Ah, that OCD must be satisfied!

The creative juices continue to flow and I plan to stop and share them with you more. Until next time check out my Pinterest boards for tons of inspiration and Homemade Holiday ideas. I update there most everyday. I hope this post finds you well my bloggy friends! I know you are still out there!

Friday Inspiration: Country Vintage

As I prepare my booth for the coming Holiday Market this weekend I am drawing my inspiration from the look of vintage country, country chic and country charm; images and searches courtesy of Pinterest.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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