Scrappy Sewn Note Pad Project

I love sewing with paper. Good simple things come of it. Recently I sewed cards together and I liked the outcome, so I got to experimenting with my scrap notebook paper. And I came up with these cute, easy, scrappy, recycled note pads.
perfect place to put a list
This is such a simple thing to do I had to share with you, because don't we all need a few more places to scribble our lists?
Start with some left over paper, notebook paper is good,
or even left overs from the printer

Cut the paper down to note sized pads, here's a couple ways to cut

My sewing machine, with a sharp needle will handle 10-15 pieces of thin paper plus the decorative paper that wraps around the top of the pad. Do a test or two on your machine to see how many it can handle.

Staple at the very top to secure all pieces together
Pretty pieces of paper

Now to add the interest. I used scrap pieces of decorative paper from the craft store and cut them wide enough to just hang off the ends of the pad by a tiny bit. They are 2" lengthwise. But these numbers are totally up to you, make it what size seems right for the pad, with enough room to sew a 1/4" seam at the bottom.

Pretty paper, folded in half and slipped over
the stapled end of the pad

Hold in place to get the stitching started and
 leave plenty of thread at either side

tie off each end of the seam to secure the thread

Viola` a scrappy sewn note pad

So many things to do.....