Friday Photo Inspiration: Windmills

1. More Windmills, 2. Windmill , 3. Windmill Australia, 4. Windmills in Schermerhorn
Windmills like quilts each have their own design and style. Some are traditional, others very modern; all of them functional.

Have a lovely wonderful weekend. I'm finishing up that pinwheel quilt and waiting for a GO! Baby I won to arrive in the mail!!! Can't wait to get cracking on it!


You've got to try pillow shams!

They are incredibly easy, wicked functional and super cute! My Grandma-in-Law asked for a set of pillow shams to go on her bed to match the quilt I made for her this summer. Luckily I had 6 blocks on hand from the flying geese mishap. There were too many; even including the back piecing I did on it (whoops!)!!!! (that needed a few extra exclamations) But in true blue-bird style I turned a 'mistake' into an opportunity and sewed them into pillow shams GIL likes!

GIL's pillow shams posing on our bed
Gratuitous pic's of GIL's quilt :)

Look! She really needs those pillow shams! 
I used a great tutorial from Prudent Baby as a starting point. I need to re-size them for my pillows, but GIL's fit just fine.
So really -- you're bed probably needs some pillow shams to match that quilt too!


Wordless WIP Wednesday

Now off to see what they rest of the WIP crew is up to over at Freshly Pieced, see you there!WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Friday Photo Inspiration: The Great Pumpkin

1. happy scrappy 2, 2. pumpkin berry wreath, 3. Pumpkins, ariel view, 4. Autumn Quilt, 5. Pumpkins ....Doing the Martha Stewart Thing, 6. Pumpkin Patch Fall, 7. martha-stewart-celestial-pumpkin, 8. Fabric Pumpkins, 9. where is my pumpkin? =}, 10. Great Pumpkin Patch, 11. Fall Quilt, 12. pumpkins, 13. Pumpkin Coasters
Isn't Fall grand? I am in love with the colors, the wind and yes - even the rain. Today we take a family outing to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie's Island. I'll be thinking of these pictures as we choose just the right pumpkin for our front porch.

I've been a very busy crafter lately, but not a busy blogger. Funny how the two have a hard time coinciding, eh. I have every intention of getting back to it, and I have lots to show you. This internet has so many wonderful tutorials and craft blogs and I've been scouring them all! Can't wait to share what I've learned but until then there are crayons to contend with, pinwheels to stitch and modern blocks to try!

Until then have a wonderful fall day.

The Best Banana Bread Ever.

I know that's a bold statement to make but it's true. This recipe comes from my Grandma's box and is written on an old index card in cursive (does anyone use cursive anymore?) And it really, really is the best ever because it's so simple.

Banana Bread - oven at 350 degrees
1/2 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 bananas in pieces
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup nuts (optional)

cream butter and sugar, add eggs. Beat well and then add bananas and mix. Add 1 cup flour, soda, salt, mix well, add 1 cup flour and nuts and mix just until the flour disappears. Don't over mix at the last mix - this is key to a light a fluffy loaf.
Pour into a greased/floured loaf pan; into the oven and set timer for 45 minutes. 
Let cool and remove from pan. 
Enjoy with a little butter melted on top and a side of pear or apple. 

Baby J could hardly wait for the next bite ;)
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