Color Play Applique Mini Quilt Finish

Hello there you! You know what -- I thought wouldn't like hand quilting. When I first started the blocks for this mini quilt I knew it was going to be hand quilted in white; it just fit. But having never tried it before and having no technique what-so-ever I just wasn't expecting to enjoy the process.

And then once I started on the background of the color wheel block - in little tiny 'popcorn' stitches I thought I was going to go insane before I finished. Instead of going crazy, I fell in love. Isn't life funny like that. 

Hand stitches

It began with my need for a color wheel. I wanted something I could hang on the wall and reference each time I needed to know what color comes after green. It's like singing the whole alphabet to know what comes after Q. 

Color play appliqué mini quilt

Once I finished the color wheel more blocks started coming to me. A crazy 8 point applique contraption. Another color inspired block, this one more complementary. And then the need to finish it and hang it on a wall. That part took longer than expected. 

Hand stitches

But now what bliss, that it is finished. I really did enjoy the slow process and the texture of the quilting. I miss having something to work on that does not chain me to the sewing machine in the craft cave. Just relaxing in bed with my son and stitching was really nice.  

Color play appliqué mini quilt

Also, I still really do enjoy a good rainbow. I don't think these scrappy rainbows are done with me yet.



Teje Karjalainen said...

Kelly, this is so beautiful and fun! You will love to watch it on the wall! I'm happy you found hand quilting! x Teje

liniecat said...

Such fun and colourful blocks here! its smashing, love it